Container Tracking, Per-Diem Auditing, Import Availability & Empty Returns

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Container Tracking, Per-Diem Audting, Import Availability & Empty Returns

Use drayOS Track as a stand-alone product or directly within drayOS.

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Supply Chain

Use drayOS Track as a stand-alone product or directly within drayOS to track your containers, manage per diem, view import availability & empty return information in real time.

Supply Chain Operators

Save Time, Money, and Headaches

Take the sting out of Per Diem with container tracking & visibility into charges with change logs. drayOS Track provides the information you need in real time.

Save Time, Money, and Headaches

Empty Returns

Know before you go. drayOS Track has visibility at all times to see which terminals are accepting which empties and when, including restrictions.

  • Prevent Shut Outs & Dry Runs
  • Keep Your Drivers Moving
  • Maintain Historic Logs to Fight Unfair Charges
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Import Availability

Track container availability, status, holds & last free day all in one place.

  • Plan Ahead With Scheduling
  • Prioritize Your Most Important Loads
  • Give You Customers Timely Updates
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Vessel Schedules

Plan ahead using drayOS Track with vessel schedules and ETA’s.

  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Schedule Customer Itinerary
  • Change Logs for Clear Communication
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Defense Against Per Diem Charges

Per Diem is a hassle between paperwork, customers, and a lack of information. Let PortPro help defend your from unfair charges.

  • Congruent Container Tracking
  • Change Logs & Historic Reporting
  • Accurate Information to Fight Per Diem
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Other Products

The most intuitive & powerful transportation management system for container drayage carriers ever built.

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