Why Buy Drayage Software?

The supply chain and logistics industry is more competitive than ever – here's how drayage software can give you an edge

Why Buy Drayage Software?

Drayage software manages the transportation of goods over short distances, particularly during container transfers in ports or in cross-dock rail delivery. Given the complexity of the drayage market segment, few transportation management tools compare. 

In this post, we’ll delve into the pressing reasons for considering this sort of software, especially in today’s competitive supply chain and logistics industry.

The Supply Chain and Logistics Industry is More Competitive Than Ever

The current supply chain and logistics landscape is characterized by intense competition, with challenges arising from:

  • High demand for truckers leading to elevated drayage rates
  • Returning demand for goods and services, elevating container volumes
  • Pier congestion, slowing down the transportation process
  • Complications with container availability, causing delays.
  • Per Diem, communication with given customers, and document management.

For businesses to remain competitive, achieving greater efficiency is paramount. Drayage software becomes an integral piece of this efficiency puzzle by modernizing the way a drayage trucking company operates its business from dispatch to account management.

The Old Drayage Management Methods Can’t Keep Up

Traditional transportation management often relied on:

  • Atomized tools that operate in silos, like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Paper-based records susceptible to damage and loss.
  • Phone calls and emails that added time and reduced efficiency in communication with staff from every department.

These older systems were riddled with poor operations visibility, slow manual updates, and a high propensity for human error.

How Drayage Software Benefits a Trucking Business

By adopting a drayage management solution or a transportation management system (TMS), businesses stand to improve all around. Let’s examine some of these benefits:

Streamline Operational Costs 

Reduced expenses across the board by optimizing communication between driver, dispatcher, and operations management. 

With drayage software a trucking company can optimize routes, dispatches, drivers, and reduce fuel consumption, leading to substantial savings and more ‘moves’ or loads per day per driver.

Enhance End-to-End-Visibility 

Comprehensive insight into every load, from the driver to the management team and ultimately to the customer.

Real-time tracking ensures that businesses know where each container is, reducing uncertainties and improving customer relations through a comprehensive customer portal with important documentation like POD in tow.

Centralize Dispatch Management 

Cohesive control over dispatch operations all in one place without the need for complex excel sheets, cards, phone or email.

Instead of coordinating multiple tools, a centralized system allows for swift allocation of tasks, reducing downtime between loads and pickups.

Features to Look for When Buying Drayage Software

Here are some essential functionalities to keep an eye out for when evaluating drayage software for your business.

Live Load Tracking & Real-time updates on cargo locations

Reduce uncertainties with freight and delivery dates, streamline operations, and improve customer communication through a customer portal that shares when and where any given container is.

Admin Dashboards and Reporting 

Consolidated views of operations and performance metrics like container approaching loft free day, vessel ETAs, and appointment booking.

Make informed decisions based on comprehensive data insights to improve margins and increase revenue.

Automated Invoicing

Automate the generation and sending of invoices for specific loads and for specific customers with all the right documentation attached. 

Faster billing processes, reduced errors, and improved cash flow.

The drayOS Approach to Drayage Management

In addition to the operational benefits listed above, PortPro’s drayOS includes features like live load tracking, comprehensive dashboards, custom reporting, and automated invoicing. 

If the prospect of streamlining your drayage operations excites you, it’s time to make a move. Dive deeper into understanding drayage software and how it can transform your business.

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