Our Team

Our team is building PortPro through a set of beliefs that modernization and collaboration are key to helping our clients and partners evolve the supply chain together.

  • Michael Mecca
    Michael Mecca
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Srinivasa Sarma
    Srinivasa Sarma
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Toni Ann Careccio
    Toni Ann Careccio
    Chief Customer Officer
  • Daniel Baca
    Daniel Baca
    VP - Sales
  • Rachael Gonzalez
    Rachael Gonzalez
    VP - Implementation
  • Angela Earl
    Angela Earl
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ryan Korn
    Ryan Korn
    VP - Customer Support
  • Dharmesh Khunt
    Dharmesh Khunt
    VP - Engineering
  • Bikram Basnet
    Bikram Basnet
    VP - Systems
  • Walker Banks
    Walker Banks
    VP - Strategy & Business Development
  • Kevin Franck
    Kevin Franck
    VP - Product
  • Ingrid Rosales
    Ingrid Rosales
    Head Of Customer Success
  • Tim McMullen
    Tim McMullen
    Senior Advisor
  • Luis Molina
    Luis Molina
    Head of Driver Relations, Kontaineroz Podcast Host
  • Alma Gonzalez
    Alma Gonzalez
    Account Management
  • Victor Luna
    Victor Luna
    Customer Success
  • Gracy Rosas
    Gracy Rosas
    Account Management
  • Kelly Burch
    Kelly Burch
    Training & Learning
  • Tyra Carrasquillo
    Tyra Carrasquillo
    Account Management
  • Sarah Griffin
    Sarah Griffin
    Customer Support
  • Natalie Perez
    Natalie Perez
    Customer Success
  • Luz Bustos
    Luz Bustos
    Customer Onboarding
  • Jason McKenzie
    Jason McKenzie
    Customer Success
  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez
    Technical Support
  • Kerecia Bell
    Kerecia Bell
    Sales Support Manager
  • Erika Degregori
    Erika Degregori
    Customer Support
  • Krista Nunnally
    Krista Nunnally
    Customer Success
  • Kim McKenzie
    Kim McKenzie
    Customer Support
  • Annie Chounramany
    Annie Chounramany
    Customer Success
  • Lori Carr
    Lori Carr
    Customer Support
  • Nelson Ascenso
    Nelson Ascenso
    Sr. Product Manager
  • Marrissa Varney
    Marrissa Varney
    Talent Acquisition
  • Clarice Groendal
    Clarice Groendal
    Head of Marketing Operations
  • Angelena Helten
    Angelena Helten
    Sales Executive
  • Jon Sinton
    Jon Sinton
    Senior Global Accounts Director
  • Elan Serfaty
    Elan Serfaty
  • Ilyssa Rabinowitz
    Ilyssa Rabinowitz
    Head of People
  • Bikash Ramtel
    Bikash Ramtel
  • Prayush Bijukchhe
    Prayush Bijukchhe
  • Sushant Shrestha
    Sushant Shrestha
  • Dibya Rani Saru Magar
    Dibya Rani Saru Magar
  • Susmita Dhital
    Susmita Dhital
  • Khadga Bahadur Shrestha
    Khadga Bahadur Shrestha
  • Milan Kandel
    Milan Kandel
  • Bharat Dangi
    Bharat Dangi
  • Prabesh Mainali
    Prabesh Mainali
  • Apurva Dhakal
    Apurva Dhakal
  • Parbat Lama
    Parbat Lama
  • Aman Chaudhary
    Aman Chaudhary
  • Ram Sharan Sapkota
    Ram Sharan Sapkota
  • Sahas Prajapati
    Sahas Prajapati
  • Neetu Phaiju
    Neetu Phaiju
  • Khimananda Oli
    Khimananda Oli
  • Vanita Godhwani
    Vanita Godhwani
    HR Manager
  • Shabana Patel
    Shabana Patel
    HR Administrator
  • Ajit Gupta
    Ajit Gupta
  • Rahul Bhavsar
    Rahul Bhavsar
  • Dilip Patel
    Dilip Patel
  • Jemish Dungrani
    Jemish Dungrani
  • Yash Kalsariya
    Yash Kalsariya
  • Mehul Shekhada
    Mehul Shekhada
  • Rajan Maurya
    Rajan Maurya
  • Kripal Sojira
    Kripal Sojira
  • Fenil Kalathiya
    Fenil Kalathiya
  • Nidhi Mistry
    Nidhi Mistry
  • Parth Savani
    Parth Savani
  • Chandrakant Sarvaiya
    Chandrakant Sarvaiya
  • Smit Patel
    Smit Patel
  • Gopal Ukani
    Gopal Ukani
  • Mahima Singh
    Mahima Singh
  • Prathana Dobariya
    Prathana Dobariya
  • Hiral Sojitra
    Hiral Sojitra

PortPro in the Spotlight

News, media, resources, and publications featuring PortPro.

1st annual PortFest

A few weeks ago, we hosted our very first annual PortFest - a community event for the drayage industry. This year, we celebrated the Ports of Los Angeles / Long Beach drayage community by kicking off Trucker Appreciation week with food trucks, live music, carnival games, raffles, and vendors. It was a family-fun day that we are looking forward to hosting every year! We raffled off LA Galaxy tickets and Chargers tickets (courtesy of HPC Testing Services), Free truck washes to Del’s Truck Wash, and $50 fuel gift cards to Harbor Truck Stop! This event was just a small token of our appreciation to all the hard working drayage carriers out there!

Freight Waves Interview

In this interview, Daniel talks about the LA/LB ports, the challenges carriers have operating in these ports, how the AB5 legislation could impact these carriers, and discusses the upcoming launch of PortPro's newest product that is designed to help these carriers - drayOS Mobile

PortPro launches drayOS mobile – The first app - Based operating system for drayage truckers

The Port Professional Podcast is a series on port-related industry topics, discussions around technologies and current state of the international supply chain featuring industry leaders and innovators. Episode 1 discusses the pain points and current solutions in the drayage space and the upcoming launch of PortPro’s mobile-based drayage operating system for owner operators and small carriers, drayOS Mobile.