What Drives Us

With the growth of e-commerce and the increasing demand for fast and reliable delivery, drayage has become even more important to ensure products are transported efficiently. At PortPro, we're on a mission to create optimized global supply chain networks through best-in-class drayage software.

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Meet The Team

We’re a dedicated group of professionals, many of whom come from the trucking industry. Founder and CEO Michael Mecca has trucking in his DNA as a third-generation family member of the Mecca & Son Trucking Company founded in 1950. Michael grew up in the business providing competitive and professional intermodal trucking, drayage and warehousing services in the Port of NY and NJ region to the green coffee, cocoa and general cargo communities. His background is both trucking and technology and after witnessing first-hand the inefficiencies that come from manual processes, he built PortPro to directly tackle the challenges drayage carriers, freight forwarders, and beneficial cargo owners experience every day.

  • Michael Mecca
    Michael Mecca
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Srinivasa Sarma
    Srinivasa Sarma
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Toni Ann Careccio
    Toni Ann Careccio
    Chief Customer Officer
  • Daniel Baca
    Daniel Baca
    VP - Sales
  • Rachael Gonzalez
    Rachael Gonzalez
    VP - Implementation
  • Angela Earl
    Angela Earl
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ilyssa Rabinowitz
    Ilyssa Rabinowitz
    Head of People
  • Ryan Korn
    Ryan Korn
    Senior Product Manager
  • Dharmesh Khunt
    Dharmesh Khunt
    VP of Software Engineering, India
  • Bikram Basnet
    Bikram Basnet
    VP of Systems, Nepal
  • Walker Banks
    Walker Banks
    VP Operations
  • Kevin Franck
    Kevin Franck
    VP - Product
  • Thomas Ricks
    Thomas Ricks
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Ingrid Rosales
    Ingrid Rosales
    Head Of Customer Success
  • Tim McMullen
    Tim McMullen
    Senior Advisor
  • Luis Molina
    Luis Molina
    Head of Driver Relations, Kontaineroz Podcast Host
  • Alma Gonzalez
    Alma Gonzalez
    Account Management
  • Victor Luna
    Victor Luna
    Customer Success
  • Gracy Rosas
    Gracy Rosas
    Account Management
  • Kelly Burch
    Kelly Burch
    Training & Learning
  • Tyra Carrasquillo
    Tyra Carrasquillo
    Account Management
  • Sarah Griffin
    Sarah Griffin
    Customer Support
  • Luz Bustos
    Luz Bustos
    Customer Onboarding
  • Jason McKenzie
    Jason McKenzie
    Customer Success
  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez
    Technical Support
  • Kerecia Bell
    Kerecia Bell
    Sales Support Manager
  • Erika Degregori
    Erika Degregori
    Customer Support
  • Krista Nunnally
    Krista Nunnally
    Customer Success
  • Kim McKenzie
    Kim McKenzie
    Customer Support
  • Annie Chounramany
    Annie Chounramany
    Customer Success
  • Lori Carr
    Lori Carr
    Customer Support
  • Nelson Ascenso
    Nelson Ascenso
    Sr. Product Manager
  • Clarice Groendal
    Clarice Groendal
    Head of Marketing Operations
  • Angelena Helten
    Angelena Helten
    Sales Executive
  • Jon Sinton
    Jon Sinton
    Senior Global Accounts Director
  • Elan Serfaty
    Elan Serfaty
  • Bikash Ramtel
    Bikash Ramtel
    Software Engineer
  • Umanga Deep Shrestha
    Umanga Deep Shrestha
    Director of UI/UX
  • Prayush Bijukchhe
    Prayush Bijukchhe
  • Sushant Shrestha
    Sushant Shrestha
    Tech Lead/Sr FullStack Developer
  • Dibya Rani Saru Magar
    Dibya Rani Saru Magar
    Software Engineer
  • Susmita Dhital
    Susmita Dhital
    Software Developer
  • Khadga Bahadur Shrestha
    Khadga Bahadur Shrestha
    Flutter Developer
  • Milan Kandel
    Milan Kandel
    Software Developer
  • Bharat Dangi
    Bharat Dangi
    Software Developer
  • Prabesh Mainali
    Prabesh Mainali
    Backend Developer
  • Apurva Dhakal
    Apurva Dhakal
    Software Developer
  • Parbat Lama
    Parbat Lama
    Fullstack Web Developer
  • Aman Chaudhary
    Aman Chaudhary
    Full Stack Developer
  • Khimananda Oli
    Khimananda Oli
    Sr. DevOps Engineer
  • Riya Pradhan
    Riya Pradhan
    HR Manager
  • Shashank Gnawali
    Shashank Gnawali
    Sr. Backend Engineer
  • Min Somai
    Min Somai
    Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Prashant Gharti Magar
    Prashant Gharti Magar
    Software Developer
  • Shishir Shahi
    Shishir Shahi
    Lead QA Engineer
  • Neetu Phaiju
    Neetu Phaiju
    QA Engineer
  • Prajjwal Thapa Magar
    Prajjwal Thapa Magar
    QA Engineer
  • Jharana Ghimire
    Jharana Ghimire
    QA Engineer
  • Asmin Karki
    Asmin Karki
    Software Developer
  • Sanjay Guwaju
    Sanjay Guwaju
    Software Developer
  • Nikesh Pakuwal
    Nikesh Pakuwal
    Software Developer
  • Susant Shrestha
    Susant Shrestha
    Data Entry Operator
  • Ravi Khadka
    Ravi Khadka
    Data Entry Operator
  • Abhinash Chaudhary
    Abhinash Chaudhary
    Data Entry Operator
  • Geeta Pachhi
    Geeta Pachhi
    Data Entry Operator
  • Amit mandal
    Amit mandal
    Data Entry Operator
  • Mukesh Dhungana
    Mukesh Dhungana
    Sr. Frontend Engineer
  • Vanita Godhwani
    Vanita Godhwani
    HR Manager
  • Jemish Dungrani
    Jemish Dungrani
    Team Lead
  • Yash Kalsariya
    Yash Kalsariya
    Team Lead
  • Ajit Gupta
    Ajit Gupta
    Quality Analyst
  • Rahul Bhavsar
    Rahul Bhavsar
    Quality Analyst
  • Dilip Patel
    Dilip Patel
    Quality Analyst
  • Hiren Monpara
    Hiren Monpara
    Quality Analyst
  • Mehul Shekhada
    Mehul Shekhada
    MERN Stack Developer
  • Rajan Maurya
    Rajan Maurya
    Backend Developer
  • Kripal Sojira
    Kripal Sojira
    React Developer
  • Fenil Kalathiya
    Fenil Kalathiya
    MERN Stack Developer
  • Parth Savani
    Parth Savani
    React Developer
  • Chandrakant Sarvaiya
    Chandrakant Sarvaiya
    Web Designer
  • Smit Patel
    Smit Patel
    MERN Stack Developer
  • Gopal Ukani
    Gopal Ukani
    MERN Stack Developer
  • Mahima Singh
    Mahima Singh
    MERN Stack Developer
  • Shweta Gajjar
    Shweta Gajjar
    Quality Analyst
  • Prathana Dobariya
    Prathana Dobariya
  • Hiral Sojitra
    Hiral Sojitra