The fastest growing and most powerful drayage software. Only the best run on drayOS.

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fastest growing and most powerful TMS for drayage

Drayage Software
For Trucking Companies

drayOS is the fastest growing drayage software in North America and is the most powerful, modern solution built by drayage professionals for drayage professionals. Drayage providers have transformed their operations and taken steps to grow with drayOS. Request a demo today!

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Easily Dispatch & Manage Each Load With a Modern User Experience.

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  • Driver Selection & Planning

    drayOS allows you to quickly view driver availability, equipment type & plan loads or driver itinerary in advance.

  • Live Itinerary & Routing Updates
  • Geofencing & Status Updates
  • Exception Handling
  • One-Click Dispatch & Instant Updates
  • Dispatch Board Customization

Mobile, Track, Trace, & Connectivity

Streamline your communication and fleet management with the drayOS Mobile App.

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  • Guided Itinerary

    Increase efficiency by letting your drivers focus on driving. The drayOS Mobile app will provide them with step-by-step instructions for pickups, routing, drop-offs, deliveries, and prompted status updates.

  • Managed Licenses and Certificaitons
  • Auto-Arrive and Auto-Depart

Customer Management

Easily Dispatch & Manage Each Load With a Modern User Experience.

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  • Full Visibility of Tendered Loads

    Customers can see the status of any and all loads with visibility of charges, what’s owed, & what’s been invoiced. Statuses are inclusive of documentation with filtering capability. Only see what’s relevant to you.

  • Live Load Tracking
  • Tailor-Made Notifications
  • Personalized Invoicing
  • Customer-Branded Portal

Equipment & Compliance

Manage your drivers, trailers, trucks, and chassis.

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  • Keep Your Fleet Compliant

    Drivers are notified when their documentation - such as licenses or certifications – is about to expire, and drayOS lets them update information straight from the driver app.

  • View and Manage Driver Profiles
  • View and Manage Trailers, Trucks, and Chassis

Billing & Settlements

Seamlessly handle all billing and settlements in drayOS or integrate directly with your accounting solution.

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  • System-generated Documentation for Billing Purposes Including Load Information

    drayOS allows for a seamless workflow between dispatcher, driver, and accountant. Each load is tied to rates, can be easily adjusted, and is automatically generated for invoicing purposes.

  • Invoice Multiple Loads in a Matter of Seconds
  • All Rates Can Be Automatically Calculated – No Need to Manually Update Every Load
  • Invoices Can Be Sent Automatically - No Need to Scan or Upload via Email
  • Driver Settlements are Natively Attached

Truck & Container Tracking

Manage your drivers, trailers, trucks, and chassis.

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  • Truck Tracking & Location History

    Monitor your driver's location and status in real time or view a history of loads and location.

  • View Vessel ETA's & Container Availability
  • Container Tracking


Pre-made & customized reports to track and analyze information that’s important to you.

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  • Admin Dashboard for KPI’s

    The drayOS Admin Dashboard includes in-depth & up-to-the-minute views of overall business KPIs including loads, profitability, driver pay, margins, etc. This dashboard can be tailored to meet specific needs and performance measures on an admin level.

  • Load Master Reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Automated Reporting
  • Operations Reporting

Other Products

Use drayOS Track as a stand-alone product or directly within drayOS to track your containers, manage per diem, view import availability & empty return information in real time.

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